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Budaun district With Talukas in UttarPradesh State

Budaun district With Talukas : Budaun district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state of India.6 Talukas in Budaun district
Budaun district  With Talukas : Budaun district is one of the districts of UttarPradesh state of India. Budaun district is a part of Bareilly division. Geographically Budaun City is located near Holy River GANGA and it is in the center of Western Uttar Pradesh. It was the most important post of Northern Frontier during Mughal reign. Budaun is a big market, historically famous and religiously important city. It is the heart of Rohilkhand.  Budaun was the capital of Delhi Sultanate for four years from 1210 CE to 1214 CE during Sultan Iltutmish rule. According to George Smith, Budaun was named after the Ahir prince Budh. In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Budaun one of the country's 251 special funded cities and it is one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). Budaun comprises five tehsils and six Vidhan Sabha constituencies.

Budaun district

Budaun District

According to the 2011 census, Budaun district has a population of 3,712,738. Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 20.96%. Budaun has a sex ratio of 859 females for every 1000 males and a literacy rate of 52.91%. A large section of its population is Muslims and Yadavs. Budaun has an average elevation of 169 meters (or 554 feet). The climatic conditions are suitable for agriculture and the crops production from this area is larger. Budaun city acts as a junction for many national roads, which make the city one of the most important in the western UP. Buses are available 24x7 from Badaun to Delhi, Badaun to Agra, Badaun to Bareilly, and vice versa. Railway line is also there. Auto Rickshaws and E Rickshaws are a major transportation for the city and for whole day.

Talukas in Budaun district

Bilsi Bisauli
Budaun Dataganj
Gunnaur Sahaswan

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