Azamgarh district With Talukas in Uttar Pradesh State

Azamgarh district With Talukas: Azamgarh district is one of the three districts of Azamgarh division in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.  Azamgarh is situated on the bank of Tamsa River. The district is named after its headquarters town, Azamgarh. Azam who was the son of Vikramajit, founded the town in 1665. Azamgarh district has an area of 4,054 square kilometers. The district lies between the Ganges and the Ghagahara. Azamgarh district is surrounded by the districts of Mau in the east, Gorakhpur in the north, Ghazipur in the south-east, Jaunpur in the south- west, Sultanpur in the west and Ambedkar Nagar in the north- west. Azamgarh district is further divided into 7 sub-districts, and 22 development blocks. Azamgarh has an average elevation of 64 meters (209 feet). The soil is fertile, and very highly cultivated, bearing good crops of rice, sugarcane, and wheat and orchards of mango and guava. Maize, gram, corn. Azamgarh is also the largest sugarcane producer in UP state mustard are other major crops.

Azamgarh district

Azamgarh District

regular bus services to almost all district headquarters of Uttar Pradesh and also to Delhi. Azamgarh has a new airport, Manduri Airport, 9 km away. The nearest international airport is Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport (Varanasi), 100 km away. Railways facilities are also great here. Azamgarh experiences a humid subtropical climate with large variations between summer and winter temperatures. Azamgarh's culture is a reflection of Hindu culture. Traditional languages are Awadhi (20%), Bhojpuri (55%), Khadi Bhasha (18%) and Urdu (25%). In Azamgarh India’s largest sugar mill is the main industry and Banarasi sarees of Mubarakpur is world famous black pottery of Nizamabad is also the main economical zone of Azamgarh.

Talukas in Azamgarh district

Azamgarh Burhanpur
Lalganj Mehnagar
Nizamabad Phulpur

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