Aligarh District with Talukas in Uttar Pradesh State

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Aligarh  District with Talukas: Aligarh is a city in the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and the administrative headquarters of the Aligarh district. It lies 126 miles (203 km) northwest of Kanpur and is approximately 90 miles (140 km) southeast of the capital, New Delhi. The most Notable thing in Aligarh is Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh is one of the largest cities in Uttar Pradesh as well as the 55th largest city in India. Aligarh district is divided into five tehsils and these tehsils are further divided into 12 blocks. Aligarh has an elevation of approximately 178 meters (587 feet). The city is in the middle portion of the doab, the land between the Ganges and the Yamuna rivers. The Grand Trunk Road passes through here. It is 134 km from the capital of India via NH-91. Aligarh has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, typical of north-central India. Very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

Aligarh  District

Aligarh District

According to the 2011 census Aligarh district has a population of 36,73,849. The district has a population density of 1,007 inhabitants per square kilometer. Aligarh has a sex ratio of 876 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 69.61%.  Aligarh Muslim University is the center of higher education in Aligarh. The university offers more than 250 courses in both traditional and modern fields of education. In addition, there are many decent schools and colleges for primary and secondary level education in Aligarh. The city is an agricultural trade center. Agricultural product processing and manufacturing are important. Aligarh is famous for brass hardware and sculpture. Aligarh Junction railway station is the primary station for Aligarh city and is a major stop. Road transportation is also great. The nearest international airport from Aligarh is Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. It is 140 km from Aligarh.

Talukas in Aligarh District

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