Karunya Health Scheme in Kerala State

Karunya Health Scheme in Kerala State: Poverty in India is a major cause to reduce India’s growth rate. Many people in India are Below Poverty Line (BPL). They somehow manages to collect food for themselves for a day. Many peoples don’t even have a house to sleep. After working full day they just sleep somewhere somehow. Government of India is trying their best, but all efforts are in vain as no positive results are coming. Also, reservation is a major cause for this poverty. These peoples just need to pass government exams and seats with a great salary and other facilities are waiting for them. Also, many people living in rural and remote areas far away from city can’t even go for a medicine when they get sick. Somehow there will be a little doctor in village which will provide them medicine. They will get some financial help if they want to go for the treatment of diseases like this. We will let you know all about this Karunya Health Scheme.

Karunya Health Scheme in Kerala State

Karunya Health Scheme in Kerala State

What is Karunya Health Scheme?

Many peoples can’t afford to get treatment in ailments like cancer, kidney and heart diseases and other diseases. As we all have an idea about the cost for the treatment of these disease. Karunya Health Scheme in Kerala is a scheme for these type of peoples only. This scheme has been launched already. An amount of Rs 250 crores has been funded for Karunya Health Scheme. In this scheme people will get a financial help from the government for the treatment of these diseases. An amount of Rs 2 lakhs will be given to each patient. There are many government colleges and hospitals in the state. These colleges and hospitals will provide the services and patient’s treatment will be done here.

How to Apply for Karunya Health Scheme?

  1. Visit this link first. http://karunya.kerala.gov.in/
  2. Go to How to Apply and read the instructions carefully.
  3. Now fill the form and complete the details with photo and other requirements.
  4. Submit the form. Now you need to wait for a few days.
  5. Also, you can track the status of your application by clicking on Application Tracking.
  6. You can also check the list of hospitals near your house and locality which comes under Karunya Health Scheme.

Documents Required for Karunya Health Scheme:

  1. No extra documents is required for the treatment of patients and is applicable on ailments like cancer, kidney and heart diseases and other diseases.
  2. You just have to show your income and property papers for the confirmation that you are eligible or not.
  3. All the patients who don’t have enough money are eligible to get the benefit of Karunya Health Scheme.
  4. They just need to reach the nearby hospital somehow.
  5. After reaching the hospital, it is the responsibility of hospital to check the patients and take the steps needed.

This scheme will surely help many people in in need. But we need more schemes like this all over India. As all over India there are peoples who can’t afford a huge amount of money. Because of this many people dies in their early age. Karunya Health Scheme a great scheme for the people of Kerala.

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