Krishna District Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh State

Krishna District Tourist Places: Vijayawada in Krishna district attract large number of tourists as there are many interesting.places in the district incuding forts and temples.

Krishna District Tourist Places

Krishna District Tourist Places

1)Kondapalli is one of the Krishna district tourist attraction places. This lies between Nandigama and Vijayawada towns. Kondapalli is famous for the wooden toys. The toys are made with a speical wood got from the trees grown in this area.

2) Kanaka Durga temple is on the hills of Indra Keelaadri in Vijayawada. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple every year. It is said that Arjuna did penance for Lord Shiva on this hill.

3)World popular Kuchipudi village is also in this district.

4) Kolleru lake is also located in this district and the Pelicon bird can be seen here.

5) Hamsala Devi is another torusit attraction. This village is in Koduru mandal. River Krishna merges in Bay of Bengal near this village. This place is very beautiful.

6)Prakasam barrage is another attraction of Vijayawad. The barrage is constructed at the foothill of Indrakeeladri. It was constucted in the year 1957.

7)Victoria museum has more than hundred years of history. The museum was launched in the year 1887. There are many artefacts including those used by earlymen.

After bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Krishna district is gaining popularity as the new capital Amarvati being constructed near Vijayawada, one of the biggest city in the state. Vijayawada is also the biggest railway junction.

Vijayawada is one of the best educational center in Andhra Pradesh. There are many engineering collges and also School of Planning and Architecture university. Dr. NTR health university is the first health university in the country and it was established in the year 1986. Then chief minister of the state Nandamuri Tarakaram0arao set up the university.

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