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Khammam city on Munneru River banks is located in Khammam district of Telangana. It is located at a distance of 193 km away. The city is named after “Kamba”. The city is also popularly called as the City of Stambas or the coal city of southern India. Khammam is a commercial hub and the industrial hub of it district. The city depicts a mixture of Telangana and coastal Andhra culture.

Khammam is the 6th highest populated city in Telangana. People of all religions and communities reside in the city out of which Hindus forms the majority of population of about 81.59 %, Muslims are about 15.98 %, Christians are of 2 % and the rest constitutes Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist and others.


The present name of Khammam is said to have been derived from the name of the temple 'Narsimhadri', later 'Stamba Sikhari' and then it was termed as 'Stambadhri' which has an ancient temple of Narasimha Swamy on its top.This temple is believed to have been existing since Treta Yuga. The vertical rock under the temple is known as 'KAMBA'(Urdu) which literally means pillar. The name of the town Khammam has been derived from 'Kambam Mettu' to ' Kammammet' or 'Khammam Mettu' to the present 'Khammam'. The district is also named as Khammam. The town is located on the banks of a river called Munneru which is a tributary of the Krishna River. Khammam district has a lot of historical importance in Telangana.

There is a festival held in Khammam remembering the old name "Stambhadri".It is held in Taruni hut showing the culture of Khammam people. Khammam town which was the seat of Taluk Administration was part of the larger Warangal District, till 1 October 1953. Five taluks of the Warangal district viz., Khammam, Madhira, Yellandu, Burgampadu and Paloncha (Now Kothagudem) were carved out and a new district Khammam with Khammam as District Headquarters. In 1959 Bhadrachalam Revenue Division consisting Bhadrachalam and Nuguru Venkatapuram Taluks of East Godawari district, which were on the other side of the river Godavari were merged into Khammam on grounds of geographical contiguity and administrative viability. In 1973 a new taluk with Sathupalli as headquarters was formed carving out from Madhira and Kothagudem taluks. In the year 1976 four new taluks were formed viz., Tirumalayapalem, Sudimalla, Aswaraopeta and Several famous people such as Jalagam Vengala Rao, former Chief Minister of AP, Prof. K. Venkata Ramiah, Founder Vice-chancellor of KU hail from Khammam.

Tourist places in Khamam District:

Khammam is an important tourist destination and attracts millions of travelers from across India. There are many places that one can enjoy in and around Khammam. Of these, the most famous tourist attractions are the Khammam fort, the Jamalapuram temple and Khammam Laxmi Narasimha Temple. The major sightseeing spots in the area include the Palair Lake, the hills of Papi Kondalu and the Wyer Lake.

Khamam District Mandals

Khammam Urban Kothagudem Palwancha Yellandu
Khammam Rural Bhadrachalam Sathupalle Manuguru
Madhira Burgampahad Kallur Thirumalayapalem
Nelakondapalle Konijerla Kusumanchi Aswaraopeta
Mudigonda Dammapeta Tallada Singareni
Wyra Penuballi Yerrupalem Chandrugonda
Chinthakani Pinapaka Tekulapalle Dummugudem
Vemsoor Bonakal Aswapuram Cherla
Bayyaram Kamepalle Chintur Garla
Enkuru Mulkalapalle Julurpad Venkatapuram
Kukunoor Gundala Kunavaram Vararamachandrapuram
Wazeed Velairpadu

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