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Khammam district Profile | Tourist Places in Khammam district :  Khammam district has a special place in the ten districts of Telangana. The district underwent many changes geographically and politically in different times since 591 AD. It was a part of Warangal district in the beginning and was formed as a separate district in 1953. In 1956, after the formation of Andhra Pradesh, Nuguru, Bhadrachalam talukas of East Godavari were merged into Khammam district. After Telangana is formed on 2nd June, 2014, seven mandals were merged into Andhra Pradesh state.

In 591 AD Khammam region was ruled by a king Mahadeva Varma. A fort was built in Khammam in 950 AD during the ruling of descendants of Mahadeva Varma. This is the fort that stood in the center of Khammam town even now. It took more than ten years to build the fort, according to historical evidences. A big lake was also built near the fort which is now called the Lakaram lake.

Khammam district Profile | Tourist Places in Khammam district

Khammam shares its borders with Chhattisgarh in north, Godavari districts on east, Krishna district in south and Nalgonda and Warangal districts in West. The number of Khammam mandals is 41 and there were 46 mandals before the division of the state. Presently there are 671 gram panchayats. River Godavari, Sabari, Kinnerasani, Munner, Aker, Tammileru, Wyra and Seeleru rivers are flowing through Khammam district. Forests are spread in the district in 7.58 lakh hectares which is 47.30 percent in the total district area. This is the number one district in Telangana as far as forest area is concerned.

Khammam tourism is one of the major attractions for Telangana. There are many interesting places to visit in the district and some of them are popular nationally and internationally also. Bhadrachalam is a major attraction in the district. This lies 120 km away from Khammam town. Large numbers of devotees throng the place for the celebration of Kalyanam of the deities on Srirama Navami day. Garla Sri Venkateswara temple is another famous temple. This was built by Kakatiyas in 15 th century.

There are many tourist spots in Khammam district. Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary is located 35 kilometers from Bhadrachalam and is spread in 634 square kilometers. Nelakondapalli village situated at a distance of 21 kilometers from Khammam has a Buddhist stupa. The construction of the Sthupa is believed to begin in 3 rd century and ended in 4th century. It is also believed the construction took place during the ruling of Virata Raju and the place was then called Virata Nagaram.

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