Adilabad District Profile |History and Tourist Places

Complete Adilabad District Profile : Adilabad is one of the districts in ten Telangana state. Head quarter of this district is Adilabad.The name of the town was given after the Bijapur sultan Adil Sha. Earlier, this was called Edlawada. Adilabad is birth place for various cultures. The region was ruled by Mughals,Mouryas, Satavahanas and Chalukyas. Bengalis, Malayalis and Gujaratis are living in harmonious in the district.

Complete Adilabad District Profile

Adilabad district has Yawatmal and Chandrapur districts in Maharashtra on North, Chandrapur district in east, Nizamabad district in south and Nanded district on West. River Godavari, Pranahitha, Wardha and Pen Ganga are flowing through the district. The district is spread in an area of 16203.8 square kilometers. There are five revenue divisions and ten assembly constituencies and also two Lok Sabha constituencies.

Adilabad district has five divisions and these are Adilabad, Nirmal, Utnur, Asifabad and Machiryal. Important Adilabad mandals are Adilabad, Kuntala, Bhainsa, Khanapur, Utnur, Sirpur town Manchiryal and Asifabad. There are 1743 villages and 866 gram panchayats.

There are different opinions on how the region got its name. The name is after Mohammad Adil Shah who was the Bijapur Sultan and ruled this region says one of the stories. Another story about the name is that it was earlier called Edulapuram and gradually it became Adilabad.

Adilabad became more popular during the ruling of Mughals. The region was well developed financially under the ruling of Aurangazeb. Adilabad region also played an important role in freedom fight for independent India.Adilabad Tourism spots are very popular among those who visit the state. There are many tourist attractions in the district that include Kuntala waterfalls, St Joseph Cathedral, Mahatma Gandhi part and Basara Saraswati temple.

Coming to tourist attractions in Adilabad district, there are many ancient forts, historical constructions, temples etc in the district. Few tourist interest places are Basara, Nirmal, Kuntala Waterfalls, Bellampalli, Sirpur, Narayanaswami Temple and Jainath.

Basara Saraswati temple is situated 70 km away from Nirmal. This is one of the two Saraswati temples in the country. One temple is in Kashmir and the second is here in Basara. Nirmal is also popular for paintings. Kuntala waterfall is very attractive and there is also Pranahita Samrakshana Kendra for protecting tiger, crocodiles and other wild animals.

The district of Adilabad has dense forests with varieties of trees and animals. We can find tigers, leopards, bears, wild dogs and also peacocks, mynahs, sambhars, spotted deers etc.

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